Windsor | Ontario

Routes:  Sandwich 6 km
               Downtown 4 km
               Forest Glade 5.5 km

Leader: Brad

MoveIn is a movement of regular followers of Christ who intentionally move into maginalized neighbours and form teams that pray for their neighbours.

While no teams have formed yet in Windsor, there are a number of patches throughout the city where we are asking God to send his people.

In the west end, we will pray through Sandwich, and also the University of Windsor.

Downtown, we will pray for a number of ministries at work there, as well as places that have a need for followers of Jesus to move into.

We will pray for churches and ministries along Forest Glade, and for newcomers to Canada on Meadowbrook.

Sign up for a time slot on Saturday June 19, and Brad will get in touch with you about details for the different route options, and points to pray for along the way!