Prayer Journey 2021   ○   Support for Amazing Staff

Anna Deinum

June 19, 2021 - June 20, 2021

Help Support MoveIn

Raising Funds for its Communications Director

Hello friends! 

Some of you may know MoveIn, which is a prayer movement that helps Christians move in to high-needs neighborhoods around the world to pray and be a witness ( 

It is running the Prayer Journey tomorrow! A chance to pray and walk through neighborhoods we hope to see more Christian witness in. 

My brother and his wife were part of a team near me before they moved to Newfoundland. A friend of mine and one of the team members there, Rachel, is staff for MoveIn doing communications (newsletters, social media), also repping and mobilizing for East York and Scarborough. She, like most staff, raises her own financial support. Just click the donate now button on this page if you would like to help support the MoveIn vision through her. Thanks for considering! 

And there is still time for you to register if you'd like to join the Prayer Journey tomorrow! See "Locations" on this web site, then select East York if you'd like one near you!









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